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Brown Stains on Baby Teeth

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Dr. Nick Raptou
Brown Stains on Baby TeethBrown stains on baby teeth should be a concern for a parent. Since baby teeth, which are primary teeth, have more calcium than permanent teeth, hence being whiter. There could be several reasons for the discoloration of baby teeth, ranging from poor dental care practices to sugary foods and beverages. It is important to raise these issues with your pediatric dentist for appropriate remedies. The following are reasons why your baby's teeth are getting brown stains:


When baby teeth are not brushed well, there will be a build-up of plaque which will form on the enamel, causing tooth discoloration. It is important to teach your child the correct brushing technique and supervise their brushing routine to ensure they clean all their teeth perfectly.


Antibiotics like tetracycline, when taken in the formative ages- below the age of eight- can cause tooth discoloration. Also at risk are pregnant women who take tetracycline in their last trimester, risking the coloration of the teeth of their unborn child.


Fluorosis occurs due to the intake of more fluoride than is normal during teeth development, affecting children in their formative ages over a long period. When Fluorosis happens, white streaks or spots form over teeth and over time might graduate to yellow or brown depending on severity.

Enamel Hypoplasia

Enamel hypoplasia is a genetic condition where the enamel is under-produced, resulting in a weak or eroded enamel. It, therefore, affects baby teeth as well as permanent teeth. The discoloration is also a symptom of enamel hypoplasia. Reversal of enamel hypoplasia is impossible, but your dentist can do a complete restoration or strengthening.

Poor Nutrition

When a child's diet contains too much sugar or acidic foods and beverages, their dental health is compromised as sugar forms the perfect grounds for bacteria overgrowth. Excess bacteria cause tooth decay and tooth discoloration in baby teeth. It is, therefore, important to control how much sugar is in your child's diet.

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