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Description Of Nitrous Oxide Mechanism In Dentistry

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Dr. Nick Raptou
Description Of Nitrous Oxide Mechanism In DentistryNitrous Oxide exists between a sweet-smelling and odorless gas that is inorganic. You cannot see nitrous oxide. The initial use of the gas as anesthesia in a dental surgery was in the mid-1800s. In the present day, nitrous oxide together with the combination of oxygen offers a safe and efficient way of managing pain, fear, and anxiety for patients during dental procedures. Nitrous oxide use as conscious sedation allows you to know what is happening. Also, some patients can drive after their dental procedure.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide plus oxygen combination or any other inhalational anesthetics become absorbed and distributed in your body based on the pressure gradients in your lungs. The pressure gradient equilibrates the tension of inspired gas and that of your blood, alveoli, and body tissues. Nitrous oxide due to its low solubility in the blood and adipose tissue gains a faster blood tension and quickly equilibrates. The situation offers an accelerating force for the inhalation components to enter your brain marking the start of the anesthetic process.

Nitrous oxide is among the quickest inhalation agents and moves in your blood as a free agent. It neither combines with hemoglobin nor undergoes biotransformation. However, the same happens during its systemic elimination where due to its low solubility, nitrous oxide's release from your body is also rapid.

Nitrous oxide oxidizes vitamin B12 and does not allow its reversibility capabilities. Therefore, there is a reduction in the activity of enzymes that depend on vitamin B12 such as methionine. During this process, there can be adverse health effects for patients who retain high trace amounts of nitrous oxide because they will suffer from issues like infertility, pregnancy loss, or neurologic problems.

However, the situation rarely happens and inhaled nitrous oxide continues to offer an effective way of pain management during dental procedures. However, you can contact our offices to gather more information about the nitrous oxide mechanism and its connection to dentistry.

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