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What Happens to Your Jaw When You Have No Teeth?

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Dr. Nick Raptou
What Happens to Your Jaw When You Have No Teeth?Teeth loss can occur due to trauma or severe gum disease. Missing teeth cause various issues, such as a change in your facial appearance and difficulty chewing and speaking. It can also affect your jaw in the following ways:

Bone Resorption

The teeth are supported by their roots on the jaw. Each root contains nerves, blood vessels and other connective tissues. All these tissues help keep your teeth alive and nourish your jawbone. Moreover, they stimulate the jawbone and allow it to maintain its mass and volume. When you lose all your teeth, the jaw will start to experience shrinking and reduction in volume and mass. Jawbone deterioration affects other your facial symmetry.

When your teeth are missing for a prolonged period, jawbone density radically reduces and cannot support tooth replacement options such as dental implants. In such circumstances, a dental bone graft is recommended to help stimulate the growth of the jawbone before the implant procedure.

Bone Loss

Further deterioration of the jaw will cause bone loss. Bone loss will interfere with the aesthetic appearance of your face. You will look older than your years. Your mouth will appear collapsed while your face will have deep wrinkling. In the severe bone loss, bone grafting is required to restore the bone and volume of the jawbone. An oral surgeon can conduct the procedure.

Jaw Pain

If you don't replace the missing teeth, your jawbone will deteriorate further. The condition will cause pain in the temporomandibular joints when chewing food. In severe cases, you will experience headaches and discomfort.

When you notice tooth loss, ensure you consult your dentist—a wide array of tooth replacement methods is available. Dental implants are the most preferred as they help preserve the mass and volume of your jawbone. Your dentist can help you select the best tooth replacement option that suits your needs.

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