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What to Expect When Healing from a Bone Graft

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Dr. Nick Raptou
What to Expect When Healing from a Bone GraftA bone graft procedure is carried out on an individual to offer a solution to bone loss problems. The body is meant to use up the mineral in the missing tooth's place. Generally, dental bone graft adds volume and density to the affected area. The grafting material can be either from your own body or even sourced from a human tissue bank (xenograft). Before carrying out any of the above procedures, you are supposed to know some of the effects that come along after surgery. So, let us dive in!

The Healing Timeline

During the first few days after the operation, you might experience mild pain, swelling, and discomfort in the operated area. However, within two or three weeks, you should be back to normal.

Managing Pain and Discomfort

The mild pain that you experience during the healing process can be mitigated. The dentist will offer you guidance and prescriptions, if necessary, after the procedure. The antibiotics and pain relievers are meant to ensure comfortable recovery and mitigate infection in the area that was operated on.

Oral health

A very important point to note is that you cannot attain full recovery if you do not maintain perfect oral hygiene. Remember, you are just out of surgery, your body needs recovery and regeneration. This can be attained by ensuring minimum contact between the site of operation and any external things like food, therefore, chew with the opposite side.
You are advised to eat soft foods that do not need a lot of chewing, foods like mashed potatoes are the best in such situations. Also, remember to brush and floss your teeth daily. This should be done gently and keenly with the thought of the recovering part of the gum. This and more information can be offered to you at our offices. Call us and book an appointment with our orthodontist. You are ensured of maximum involvement and dedication from the first process to your full recovery.

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