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Why Young Kids Need Braces

Posted on 10/31/2023 by Weo Admin
Young blonde girl carrying backpack and smiling with bracesThere are various reasons why the dentist can recommend braces for kids. It would be best to talk to the dentist before choosing the braces for your child. You may have noticed that braces are often associated with teenagers. Continue reading to know more about why young kids need braces.


Thumb-sucking is a natural reflex for infants that provides them comfort and security. When this habit persists beyond a certain age, it can start to impact the alignment of the teeth.

Prolonged thumb-sucking can push the front teeth forward. This can cause an open bite where the upper and lower front teeth don't meet adequately.

This misalignment can also affect other teeth' positioning and the jaws' overall development. In such cases, the dentist might recommend braces to correct the dental issues caused by thumb-sucking and promote healthier tooth alignment.


An overbite happens when the upper front teeth go over the lower front teeth. While a slight overbite is expected, an excessive one can lead to problems with jaw alignment. Early intervention with braces can guide the teeth into proper alignment, preventing more severe overbite issues as the child grows.

Permanent Teeth Growing Into The Wrong Spots

Sometimes, permanent teeth come in differently than planned and may grow into incorrect positions. This can lead to crowded or spaced-out teeth.

The position of the teeth can affect your smile and lower your self-esteem. Early orthodontic treatment can create enough space for permanent teeth to grow in the right places.


A crossbite occurs when the upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth instead of outside. This could result in an irregular biting pattern.

There may be discomfort and difficulties chewing as a result of this misalignment. Braces can help align the teeth and correct the crossbite. For additional information on why your children require braces, contact our clinic.

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