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Medical Conditions and Oral Health

Posted on 12/1/2023 by Weo Admin
Older white patient sitting in dental chair calmly discussing his oral health with his Black female dentistYou might be wondering what your medical history has to do with your oral health, but it is more related than you can imagine. For instance, some medical conditions and drugs can affect the treatment that you get and the materials the dental team uses. That is why, on visiting the dentist, they may ask you about your medical history. You are supposed to inform them of any medical conditions or allergies that you have and the treatments you might be undergoing or have had before the visit.

What To Expect During a Dental Visit

During the routine exam, the dentist can detect the first signs of any underlying conditions. However, you are supposed to inform your dentist of any underlying condition, such as diabetes, leukemia, heart disease, or any condition that might be affecting you.

The following medical conditions have an association with oral health:


If not well controlled, diabetes can lead to periodontal diseases. Periodontal diseases cause pain, tooth loss, and bad breath. It is an infection that affects the gum and bone that holds the teeth in place. Diabetes also increases the level of sugar in the saliva, leading to a fungal infection called thrush. Thrush causes painful white patches to form in the mouth.

Heart Disease and Stroke

People with poor oral health have higher risks of heart disease and stroke. Bacteria that cause periodontitis and gingivitis can travel through the bloodstream, causing inflammation. This can damage the blood vessels in the heart and the brain. Once the fatty plaques block a blood vessel that leads to the heart, they can cause a heart attack. If they block the vessels that lead to the brain, it might cause a stroke.

Kidney Disease

Kidney disease weakens the immune system, leading to infections caused by gum disease. Cavities and gum issues cause pain and difficulty in eating. These infections can fuel chronic inflammation, which can contribute to other medical conditions like heart disease.

Talk To Your Dentist

Other conditions that may cause infections and oral health complications include head and neck cancer radiation, organ transplant, and lupus. If you have any of the issues mentioned above, let us know during your dental exam.

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