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How Do the Wisdom Teeth Erupt?

Posted on 1/2/2024 by Weo Admin
3D rendered xray of an impacted wisdom tooth (highlighted in red) butting against the tooth next to itThe last set of teeth to erupt from your jawline are the wisdom teeth, sometimes called third molars. When a person is in their late teens or twenties, they usually start to get these final permanent teeth. Below, we discuss what impacts the eruption of wisdom teeth.

Eruption Unpredictability

Wisdom teeth emerge at different times for different people. Some people may get all four wisdom teeth simultaneously, while others may get just one or none.

Molecular Biology

The genetic makeup of a person strongly influences the presence and eruption of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are more common in families where at least one parent or grandparent had them.

Size of the Jaw

The shape and size of your jaw are essential elements that determine when your wisdom teeth may erupt. Unfortunately, only some jaws are big enough to fit an additional set of molars comfortably.

Partial Eruption and Impaction

Impaction is the inability of a wisdom tooth to completely erupt from the gumline. This problem arises for various reasons, including an incorrectly oriented tooth, obstruction from adjacent teeth, or an absence of enough space. Since they are challenging to clean, partially erupted wisdom teeth increase the risk of infection and other dental issues.

Scheduled Dental Exams

Wisdom teeth are a primary dental concern. Thus, checking your teeth often is essential. With X-rays and clinical evaluations, our dentist can track the progress of these teeth.

The eruption of the third molars is exceptionally varied, and only some get wisdom teeth. The presence or absence of wisdom teeth and their proper eruption are strongly influenced by jaw size and genetics.

To keep your oral health in good shape, it is crucial to take the advice of our dentist about the care of your wisdom teeth seriously and, if required, think about getting them extracted. Wisdom teeth management should be individualized based on your specific dental condition. Our dentist will offer advice specific to your needs.

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