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Cavity Warning Signs

Posted on 4/15/2024 by Weo Admin
male patient holding his hand up to his face and grimacing with painCavities are one of the most common diseases on the planet, and yet they can be very difficult to spot early. If you have not been coming in to see our dentist regularly, you may not even know you have a cavity until it is several months old and your tooth is badly damaged. Here are some warning signs that may signal you have a cavity.

Pain in One Tooth

Everyone can have pain in their teeth from time to time, which can be caused by everything from brushing your teeth too hard to teeth clenching and grinding. However, if you have pain that is localized to one tooth, it means there is something going on with that tooth - usually a cavity.

Cavities, because they eat away at the outer enamel of your tooth and gradually work their way inward, can cause your tooth to become painful, This happens especially as the cavity reaches the inner part of your tooth where the nerves are located. You may feel pain in the tooth when you bite down or when you drink something very hot or very cold. Also, you may feel pain in that tooth at random times during the day.


When you are smiling at yourself in the mirror or posing with friends in photos, do you notice a discoloration on one of your teeth? Discoloration is another warning sign you may have a cavity. Because cavities eat away at your tooth enamel, the area where the cavity is on a tooth can look like a brown or black spot. If you notice a spot on your tooth that cannot be brushed away, you may have a cavity.

Pits in Your Tooth

If you are looking at your teeth close up in a mirror, you might see that one of your teeth looks like there is a piece missing from it, much like a hole in cheese. These holes are usually small, but they grow larger over time, especially if your cavity is not treated.

Think you may have a cavity? Time to give our office a call to make an appointment.

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