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Can Sedation Make Dental Procedures Easier for Those with Dental Fears?

Posted on 8/25/2019 by Dr. Nick Raptou
Can Sedation Make Dental Procedures Easier for Those with Dental Fears?Many people are afraid of the dentist. Some studies show that one in five people suffers from some anxiety involving going to the dentist.

We aren't bad people really and we want you to be comfortable coming to see us. Studies have shown that increased knowledge about our instruments and what is involved with our procedures goes a long way to allay your fears but for some people, it is not enough.

We can understand that. Some people have had bad experiences at the dentist as children and that experience never left them. Some people have had the fear instilled in them children. Fortunately, as times changed, we are no longer guaranteed to cause pain. Even fillings caused pain the good old days but no longer. In addition, dentists can sedate you to relieve your anxiety.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Some dentists are qualified to perform sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry allows us to administer medication to patients who need help relaxing. Qualified dentists can administer four levels of sedation; minimal, moderate, deep, and generally. The level to administer is determined by your level of anxiety and the procedure being performed.

With minimal sedation, you are still wide awake, but you are very relaxed. Moderate or conscious sedation leaves you awake but does affect your memory of the event. While you are under you may slur your words when you speak, but you are conscious. With deep sedation, we can wake you up, but you are on the verge of being unconscious. When general anesthesia is applied you are completely unconscious as you would be for a surgical procedure.

The types of sedation used are also in four forms. The first and most common is inhaled gas. This is for minimal sedation and the gas is helium. Yes, it is laughing gas. No wonder you are so relaxed. You can drive yourself home if you use this. Next is oral sedation. You are given a pill from the Valium family. It is also used for minimal sedation. You may be given two to accomplish moderate sedation.

This will make you groggy, but you will still be able to be awakened. Using an IV dentist can administer moderate sedation. It works quickly and can be adjusted if more or less is needed during the procedure. Finally, there is general or deep sedation, which renders you totally unconscious. With that, you cannot be awakened until a drug is administered to reverse it r the sedation wears off.

If you need sedation dentistry let us know when you make your appointment.

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