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Why Teeth Get Dingier As We Age

Posted on 11/25/2019 by Dr. Nick Raptou
Why Teeth Get Dingier As We AgeAs the years go by, most people suffer from the darkening of the teeth due to chromogenic agents consumed over time.

Examples of chromogenic agents are coffee, tobacco, and cola but research has recently found out that there are medications that can cause your teeth to be discolored as well. The color change usually occurs especially when the color of the dentin or the enamel is altered.

Causes of Dingy Teeth

Today, causes of dingy teeth are many. When we age, the tooth enamel layer that was once thick begins to become thinner and thinner hence letting the dark dentin that usually lies underneath to show more. With time, the tooth dentin changes due to the formation of the secondary dentin. This basically means that the dentin becomes darker because more of the dentin tends to be created just within the tooth thanks to the reparative and physiologic process which is usually normal in all human beings.

Also, as we age, at times we do not take proper care of our oral and dental hygiene. You find that you do not floss or brush your teeth as you used to, and this will easily cause substances that produce stains or even plaque to cause discoloration.

Tobacco consumption in adults at times causes the teeth to be dingier because, with time, the stains from the tobacco smoke are usually absorbed by the enamel. The consumption of dark foods and beverages such as coffee and even dark chocolate is also a big factor that makes the teeth dingy.

It is advised by dentists that instead of coffee, you take white or green tea and if you happen to take coffee or even dark chocolate, ensure that you brush your teeth and rinse it perfectly to avoid dingy teeth. If you feel that you still need to speak about your dingy teeth and how you can make them better, make an appointment with us today and you won't be disappointed.

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