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How To Manage A Cracked Molar

Posted on 1/15/2020 by Dr. Nick Raptou
How To Manage A Cracked MolarBy nature, teeth are typically quite hard. However, a few accidents can lead to them cracking or completely falling apart. You might get injured during a sport, have cavities affecting your tooth, or simply fall down. Although some cracks are quite painful, others tend to be quite pain-free.

This will typically depend on the affected area of the tooth. For instance, if your enamel is the only cracked partially, you may barely feel any pain. If the crack moves all the way to your nerves, you will feel some pain. It can be continuous or come in bits. However, the earlier you can manage the crack, the better.

What To Do
There is not much to do about a cracked molar. The best option is to come to our offices as soon as possible, especially if there is any pain associated with the cracked tooth. We can assess the extent of the damage and identify the best way forward. Ideally, the pain might signify that vessels or nerves have been exposed, which usually need further treatment.

Dental Treatment Options

If the crack is only minor, there isn't much treatment needed. We might only need to polish out the affected area to smooth out any rough spots. If the crack has developed to the level of a fracture, your molar will need further attention.

Sometimes, you might need to have filling materials installed in the cracked area. In other cases, it might be ideal to use a crown to prevent the crack from spreading any further. However, if the pulp (the area containing the nerves and other tissue) is damaged, a root canal might need to be done to save your tooth.

A cracked molar should never be left unattended. Otherwise, the crack can easily grow into a menace. If the crack gets to the nerves, this will be another issue. Contact us as soon as you notice the crack for treatment.

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