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Why You Need to Talk to Us at Each Appointment if You Have Questions About Your Oral Health

Posted on 4/15/2020 by Dr. Nick Raptou
Why You Need to Talk to Us at Each Appointment if You Have Questions About Your Oral Health When it comes to your oral health, you need to receive expert advice – advice that we can give that will help keep you from pain and dental worries. By knowing how to properly take care of your teeth, you have an added advantage! By scheduling regular dental cleanings and checkups with our office, you can keep your teeth and gums in good shape and receive guidance for at-home care. Following are some of the questions we frequently hear when patients discuss oral health issues.

Is There a Link between Oral Health and More Serious Health Problems?

Unfortunately, gum disease can lead to several conditions that can affect the body. That is why we stress good oral care at home and regular professional cleanings. That is because moderate to severe periodontal disease can stress the immune system and reduce the resistance to infection. It can also add to diabetic problems and contribute to respiratory ailments. When the teeth are not anchored solidly in the gums, proper digestion may be difficult. In addition, a bacterial infection can lead to heart disease or stroke. Therefore, you need to focus on good oral care so you can stay healthy overall.

When It Comes to Oral Health, Are Silver Fillings or Amalgams Considered Safe?

Amalgam fillings cannot be considered safe, as they can be comprised of at least 50% mercury. The mercury vapor in the fillings can be released by simply brushing the teeth. The mercury poisoning that results can lead to symptoms, such as colitis, dizziness, frequent headaches, anemia, rapid or irregular heartbeat, asthmas, muscle cramping, and lack of concentration. Mercury that is released in the body can also inflame the nose, trigger sinusitis. If you have been feeling poorly and you feel it is connected to your dental health, you can feel free to always express your concerns. We know how important it is to take care of your gums and teeth and will provide the needed guidance to keep both the gums and teeth healthy. Give us a call today if you have not yet scheduled an exam or cleaning with our office. We can keep you on top of your dental health so you feel better overall.

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