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How Your Lifestyle Can Affect Your Teeth

Posted on 5/29/2020 by Dr. Nick Raptou
How Your Lifestyle Can Affect Your Teeth
Some people do not realize that their lifestyle is having a direct impact on their overall dental health, or even the appearance of their smile. That is why we considered ourselves a full-service dental practice. We not only stress good oral hygiene, we also frown on certain habits, such as smoking or chewing tobacco. Some patients also drink or eat beverages or foods that can affect the looks and functions of their teeth. The following information shows how certain lifestyle habits can impact your dental health.

Smoking or Chewing Tobacco

If you smoke or chew tobacco, you can negatively affect your dental health. Both habits lead to nicotine yellowing, which can also lead to the development of cancer. Carcinogens, especially if you chew tobacco, come into contact with the gums and linger there for a long time.

Other Lifestyle Risks

If you take antihistamines for your sinuses, you may relieve a stuffy nose, however, you may develop a condition, called dry mouth. Because dry mouth reduces the flow of saliva in the mouth, it can lead to dry mouth – a condition that can increase cavities. Maybe you are under a good deal of stress at work. If so, you might develop a problem known as bruxism. Bruxism involves clenching or grinding the teeth, thereby wearing them down. Patients often grind their teeth at night, and therefore do not know they are damaging their teeth while they sleep.
When we schedule you for an exam and cleaning, we often ask you about your daily habits and check your medical history. All this information helps us examine your lifestyle along with your gums and teeth. Doing so makes it possible for us to do a better job supporting your dental health needs. Give us a call today to schedule an assessment and consultation with our office. We can help you change certain aspects about your lifestyle, so you enjoy a better smile and increased wellbeing.

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