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Ways of Managing the Pain of a Cavity Until We Can See You

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Dr. Nick Raptou
Ways of Managing the Pain of a Cavity Until We Can See YouIf you have a toothache because of a cavity, but have already set an appointment, you still have to take care of the pain and sensitivity. The following information offers suggestions on how you can cope in the interim.

How to Minimize Cavity Pain

You've already taken the right step if you have called our office to fill your cavity. When you brush the cavity, you should use warm water. That will lessen the discomfort. Also, it helps to use an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain reliever. Keep your teeth and mouth as clean as possible. Apply oil of cloves for additional pain relief. You may also consider sealing the cavity with a filling material sold over the counter. Eat soft foods and drink soothing warm liquids, such as an herbal tea.

What You Should Not Do

If you have a cavity you are waiting for us to fill don't cancel your appointment once you have made it. The cavity could affect the tooth's nerves, which would cause you even more pain and discomfort. Also, don't expose the tooth with the cavity with very cold or hot temperatures, or eat acidic or sugary foods. Try to floss between the teeth next to the cavity. Doing so can reduce the sensitivity. While it may be difficult to use floss initially, it needs to be done to prevent further problems with plaque or the buildup of bacteria. To support flossing, use a water flosser and set it at the lowest speed to get rid of any debris or residue around the cavity as well as other teeth.

Once you make the decision to get a filling, don't chicken out and change your mind. Contacting our office is the right thing to do, not only for your dental health, but for your personal comfort and well-being. Contact us anytime you have a dental concern. We will support you with your at-home care as well as getting the professional care you need.

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