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Dental Bridges Vs Implants

bridges vs. impants at Raptou Family Dental, Columbus, OHYour teeth are a critical component of your mouth and have several essential functions. Tooth loss, even the loss of just a few teeth, can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Missing teeth make it more difficult to properly chew your food (which can lead to malnutrition). Speaking can be a challenge, and others may have a hard time understanding you. Your smile is also greatly affected (which can also affect your confidence). At Raptou Family Dental, we offer several options to replace your missing teeth, including dental bridges and Dental Implants.

What Are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is a restoration that essentially “bridges the gap” left behind by one to three missing teeth. Typically made from ceramic, a bridge consists of a replacement tooth (or teeth), known as a pontic tooth, that is set between two crowns. The crowns are anchored onto the teeth adjacent to the gap (abutment teeth), effectively holding the restoration in place.

Dental bridges often take two visits to complete. During the first visit, the abutment teeth are prepared. This process involves removing a portion of the enamel from each tooth, creating the space necessary for the bridge to fit properly in place. After your teeth are prepared, an impression is taken, which is used to design and create your custom bridge. During your second visit, the bridge is set in place.

Pros and Cons of Dental Bridges

Bridges offer several benefits:
•  It is a relatively simple procedure.
•  You only need two visits to place your restoration.
•  Bridges are an affordable option.

Bridges also have a few drawbacks:
•  They require enamel to be removed from the abutment teeth.
•  They cannot stop the bone loss that comes naturally with tooth loss. This means that your bridge will have to be replaced periodically.

What Are Dental Implants?

Implants are a more recent addition to the options available for tooth replacement. An implant-supported bridge is used to replace sections of missing teeth. Implants are small titanium rods that are surgically inserted into your jawbone. They rely on a process known as osseointegration, or fusion, of your jawbone to the titanium rods. Successful osseointegration turns your implants into “roots” that support your replacement teeth.

On the day of your surgery, we administer a local anesthetic to the surgical site. We then make the necessary incisions in your gum tissue, exposing the bone. Holes are drilled into your jaw, and the implants placed inside. Your gums are then sewn closed around the implants, leaving a small amount exposed above the tissue. Temporary teeth are placed while you heal, a process which can take up to a few months. During this time, we monitor your progress, making sure that your bone is fusing properly. Once you have fully healed, we then move forward with creating your permanent replacement teeth and setting them in place.

Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

Implants offer multiple benefits:
•  Your adjacent teeth are left intact.
•  Your replacement teeth are supported by the implants, rather than your adjacent teeth.
•  Implants mimic the functions of the roots of your teeth. This helps to prevent the bone loss typically associated with tooth loss. Your jaw stays healthy.

Implants also have a few disadvantages as well:
•  They require a surgical procedure.
•  Your healing time can be lengthy.
•  Implants are a more expensive option.

Replacing your missing teeth is essential for restoring the health of your mouth and the quality of your life. For more information on dental bridges and Dental Implants, and to find out which option is right for you, call Raptou Family Dental today at (614) 427-0449.

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Bridges vs. Implants - Columbus, OH • Raptou Family Dental
Replacing your missing teeth is essential for restoring the health of your mouth and the quality of your life. For more information on dental bridges and implants, and to find out which option is right for you...
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