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Can You Live with Your Wisdom Teeth?

man smilingYour wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last of your adult teeth to come in. Where most of your adult teeth come in by around the age of 13, your wisdom teeth do not come in until you are in your late teens to early 20s. For many people, these teeth can cause significant complications, leading to the need for extraction. However, not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed. Raptou Family Dental can help.

What Causes Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

There are a few different issues that can cause your wisdom teeth to become impacted. Common causes include:
•  Insufficient space in your jaw. While adults develop a total of 32 teeth, not everyone has the space to accommodate them.
•  Your wisdom teeth are blocked by bone or soft tissue, which prevents the tooth from erupting properly.
•  Your wisdom teeth are growing at an angle or sideways.

Issues Caused by Impacted Wisdom Teeth

When your teeth are impacted, you can be faced with many different issues. Complications caused by impacted wisdom teeth include:
•  Overcrowding. If you do not have enough space in your mouth to accommodate your wisdom teeth, these teeth can begin to push the adjacent ones out of alignment. These teeth begin putting pressure on other teeth, causing overcrowding. This alters your bite and can lead to bruxism, TMJ disorder, and tooth damage.
•  Infections. Wisdom teeth that have not properly erupted are more difficult to keep clean, increasing your risk for infections. Your risk for cavities also increases.
•  The formation of a cyst. A cyst is a fluid or semi-fluid filled sac that can form as a result of an impacted tooth. Without treatment, a cyst continues to grow larger, destroying bone and the roots of surrounding teeth.
•  Problems with your sinuses. In some cases, the roots of your wisdom teeth in your upper jaw can push up against your sinus, irritating. This can cause sinus pressure, pain, headaches, and congestion.
•  Significant pain. The pressure of your wisdom teeth against the adjacent teeth can cause significant pain. This pain can also make it incredibly difficult to eat.

When your wisdom teeth are causing you discomfort and other complications, the best solution is to extract them. This is a process that involves surgery. Extracting your wisdom teeth can significantly alleviate your discomfort and restore your quality of life. Following the procedure, there is no need to replace these teeth.

What if My Wisdom Teeth Do Not Cause Me Pain?

While the wisdom teeth cause many people issues, there are some individuals who never experience discomfort or other problems. If your wisdom teeth do not hurt, they are not causing your other teeth to become crowded, and they do not interfere with your quality of life, it may be possible to live without having to extract your wisdom teeth. It is essential that you maintain a good oral hygiene routine. Brush and floss your teeth every day, making sure that you thoroughly clean your wisdom teeth. It is also important to have your teeth professionally cleaned and examined regularly.

It is possible to live with your wisdom teeth. However, if they are causing you pain and other issues, the best way to treat them is to extract them. For more information, and to find out if you should have your wisdom teeth removed, call Raptou Family Dental at (614) 427-0449 to schedule your consultation today.

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Can You Live with Your Wisdom Teeth? - Columbus, OH • Raptou Family Dental
Extracting your wisdom teeth can significantly alleviate your discomfort and restore your quality of life. Following the procedure, there is no need to replace these teeth.
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