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Ceramic Dental Crowns

All-Ceramic Crowns at Raptou Family Dental, Columbus, OHWhen your teeth are damaged, it is important to seek treatment right away. Damaged or decayed teeth can be at risk for further harm and dangerous infections. This can lead to infection and later replacement. Fortunately, damaged and decayed teeth can often be restored. Raptou Family Dental can restore affected teeth with all-ceramic crowns.

Causes of Tooth Damage

There are many different issues that can cause damage to your teeth. These include
•  Injuries while playing sports.
•  Hitting your mouth during a fall.
•  A car accident.
•  Biting down on something too hard.
•  Tooth decay.

What is a Crown?

When your tooth is damaged, treatment is needed right away. Even seemingly minor damage needs to be addressed. Damage can worsen over time, weakening the tooth and leaving it susceptible to splitting, shattering, or developing an infection. If the tooth becomes severely damaged or decayed, it may require extraction.

A crown is a dental restoration that resembled a cap. It is designed to encase the entire visible surface of the affected tooth, providing it with protection from further damage, preventing infections, and restoring strength so that the tooth can function normally.

Why All Ceramic Crowns?

Crowns can be made from many different materials. One of the most popular, however, is ceramic. There are several reasons for this. One of the biggest reasons is because the material resembles your natural teeth. We can stain ceramic to exactly match the color of your real teeth. Not only that, but ceramic reflects light much like natural enamel. This provides a completely realistic restoration to your smile.

While ceramic may not be as strong as metal, it is still a fairly strong material. It can withstand most normal daily wear and tear. In conjunction with their realistic appearance, these traits make ceramic crowns the ideal solution for restoring damaged teeth at the front of your mouth.

Ceramic crowns are also free from metals. This makes them ideal for patients with sensitivities to metal. They will not cause any type of reaction. They are also a good solution for patients who may be wary of having metal restorations in their mouths.

The Process of Getting an All Ceramic Crown

Getting a ceramic crown typically requires two different appointments. At your first appointment, we prepare the damaged tooth. This process involves removing a portion of its enamel, reducing it in size. We perform this process under a local anesthetic, which ensures that you do not experience any discomfort during the procedure. After preparing the tooth, we take an impression and provide and match the color of your natural teeth. Finally, a temporary restoration is placed.

Your impression is sent off to our dental lab. The lab uses the impression to design your custom ceramic crown and bring it to life. Once the crown has been completed, you come back for your second appointment. During this appointment, your crown is checked for fit, bite, and appearance, and secure it into place with special dental cement.

An all-ceramic crown not only restores the health of a damaged tooth, but it also helps to restore the beauty of your smile. For more information, and to schedule your consultation, call Raptou Family Dental at (614) 427-0449 today.

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Ceramic Dental Crowns - Columbus, OH • Raptou Family Dental
A crown is a dental restoration that is used to treat damaged teeth. It is a cap like restoration that is designed to cover over the entire visible surface of a damaged tooth.
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