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Dental Filling

tooth colored fillings at Raptou Family Dental, Columbus, OHLiving with a damaged tooth is not fun. From difficulties in speaking, eating, or drinking to nerve sensitivity, it can easily disrupt your everyday life. Dental fillings can help restore teeth harmed by decay back to their ordinary capacity, and prevent further rot in the future. At Raptou Family Dental, we will assist you in considering your available options while picking which filling material is best for you. Factors for making the best choice include the degree of damage being fixed, where in your mouth the filling is required, and of course expenses. If you have experienced damage or decay to a tooth and have any questions or concerns about getting a filling, you can set up an appointment to see us by calling (614) 427-0449.

What Are Dental Fillings?

A filling is a protective cover designed to re-establish a damaged tooth back to its typical function and shape. Think of it in a sense like armor for your vulnerable tooth. In addition to stopping spaces where microscopic organisms can enter, a filling also anticipates further decay. Materials utilized in constructing fillings can include gold, porcelain, a composite gum (tooth-shaded fillings), or a combination of mercury, silver, copper, tin and in some cases zinc.

How Is a Dental Filling Applied?

At the point when Dr. Raptou gives you a filling, the rotted tooth material must first be expelled before the influenced region is cleaned. Afterward, the filling is installed over top of what remains of your natural tooth.

Pros vs. Cons of Different Fillings

No two fillings (even of the same type) are exactly alike, to begin with, but each version has its benefits & drawbacks, depending on which is most appropriate for your particular case:

•  Gold- Custom-made with your dental information before solidifying it into position. Gold fillings are often considered the best material, as they may last for over 20 years, and your gum tissues will get along well with enduring the gold inlays. However, it is also usually the most costly choice and requires multiple visits.
•  Amalgam (silver)- Resistant to wear and more affordable. Because of their dim shading though, they are easier to tell apart from your natural teeth than porcelain or composite fillings and are not generally utilized in the truly obvious regions of your mouth (Ex-The front teeth).
•  Composite (plastic)- Modeled to match the shading of your teeth as closely as possible, this type of filling is popular in cases where appearances are concerned. The fixings are blended and carefully set into the hole, after which they solidify. Composites are not a flawless material for multiple fillings or long-term restorations, as they’re more prone to chipping or wearing down over time. They can also end up being recolored from espresso, tea or tobacco and thus don’t last as long as most other types of fillings do (three to ten years).
•  Porcelain- Also called decorates or inlays, these can be matched to the shade of your natural teeth and are resistant to recoloring or staining. Porcelain restorations, for the most part, cover a large majority of the tooth. The catch is, they are typically by far the most expansive.

If tooth decay or a crack has damaged a substantial portion of your tooth, a filling may not be enough to restore & protect it. In these cases, a crown or top may be prescribed. Rot that has advanced to the point of affecting the nerve can be treated in one of two ways: A root trench treatment in which the damaged nerve is extracted, or a technique called pulp capping that tries to keep the nerve alive.

When Should I Get a Filling?

During a checkup, Dr. Raptou will confirm whether you have a cavity that must be filled, using a small mirror to evaluate each tooth’s surface. Any abnormalities in your teeth will be closely examined with specialized tools. Dr. Raptou may also X-ray your whole mouth or at least a section of it if necessary. The appropriate treatment will be chosen from there, depending on the extent of damage or rot.

If you are experiencing recurring tooth pain and suspect it may be time for a filling, remember to call Raptou Family Dental today at (614) 427-0449.

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