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Emergency Care

Emergency signDental issues can become much more pronounced if you leave them to build up over time. Most patients do not realize this, as dental issues might not bother them immediately. However, a twinge of pain, a loose tooth, swollen gums, and even a cavity can quickly become a big issue.
Knowing what constitutes a dental emergency is vital, as you might not want to burden yourself or your doctor with every tiny dental issue. However, some issues are more critical, and recognizing the need to visit a doctor can save you long-term problems.

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

Different dental issues can be classified as dental emergencies depending on the severity of the situation. For instance, a chipped tooth might not be an emergency, but a fractured tooth is one. In both instances, you have a broken tooth, but one directly affects your life at the moment.
An emergency is anything that qualifies as a direct threat to your life at that moment in time. If your emergency classifies as that, you should get urgent care. This can include the following:
•  Trauma to the facial bone or the jaw.
•  Excessive bleeding.
•  Intense and uncontrollable pain.
•  Abscess hinting towards an infection.

Some other kinds of emergencies can involve loose teeth or fillings that are causing you extreme discomfort. Our experienced team can help you understand whether your dental problem is an emergency by breaking down your symptoms. However, it is important to visit the hospital, especially if you are extremely uncomfortable.

Do I Have To Schedule a Dental Emergency Appointment?

It is best to rely on a trusted team of professionals for all of your dentistry procedures. Having one point of contact for emergencies will help you avoid confusion in the long term. If you recognize the signs of a dental emergency, call your dentist immediately for an appointment.
It is essential to gauge the situation. If the emergency is time sensitive, you must rush to the hospital. Delaying your trip to the hospital might worsen your infection or lead to losing a tooth. It might even spread the infection.
A dentist knows best, and the hospital is much better equipped to handle complications. Here are some signs you might need an emergency appointment:
•  You are bleeding continuously from the mouth.
•  You have a fever, an abscess, or swelling.
•  You have a partially loose tooth or have lost a tooth.
•  You experience blunt force or trauma to the face.
•  You are experiencing severe pain.

Recognizing signs that you need emergency care will improve your condition in the long term. However, if you are sure that the problem can be postponed to a doctor's appointment, you can make that decision by consulting a professional on the phone.

Is a Cavity a Dental Emergency?

Not all cavities are the same, and they should be treated differently. As the severity of the condition varies, ensure that you consider all the alternatives before rushing to the emergency room. A cavity in its early stages might not even appear destructive. In fact, it can hide pretty well.
Early-stage tooth decay can only be identified by an experienced professional. The second stage of tooth decay is when the cavity progresses and starts to eat away at the tooth. This comes with more symptoms, such as sharp pain and infection. You should make an emergency appointment and visit the doctor immediately.
The final stages of a cavity infection involve severe pain that cannot be tolerated, along with swelling, reddened gums, and continuous pain. This can often turn into a dental abscess. You must visit the emergency room if your cavity has progressed to the final stages.

Is a Dental Abscess an Emergency?

A dental abscess may not be life-threatening. That is why it is rarely classified as a dental emergency. However, severity may differ from one case to another, and in extreme cases, you might need to visit the emergency room.
A dental or gum abscess is when an infection causes your gum to be filled with pus. In this case, relief can be provided by draining the pus through some home remedies. This leads to temporary relief. However, visiting the dentist for a long-term fix is a much better idea.
An emergency visit becomes necessary when the pain gets too much to handle. It might interfere with your daily tasks and refuse to go away. An abscess can accompany a fever, nausea, or breathing issues if the infection travels elsewhere.

Is a Chipped Tooth a Dental Emergency?

A chipped tooth is considered a tooth fracture by its very definition. However, it might not warrant going to the emergency room. In fact, a chipped tooth doesn't require you to visit the dentist instantly, as it isn't life-threatening.
However, if you have a bigger fracture in the jawbone or the tooth itself, such as a tooth breaking from the root, you need urgent care. Excessive pain or bleeding cannot be managed at home, and it is important to rush to the hospital.

Is a Loose Dental Implant an Emergency?

If you have experienced a loose dental implant, you must rush to get it fixed, as this can weaken the bone structure of your jaw over time. Losing your abutment or crown can be easily fixed. However, prolonging the issue will lead to bone loss, which can reduce the possibility of fixing the implant onto the gum.

Contact Us In Case of a Dental Emergency

The doctor's office best addresses situations that call for an emergency appointment. Call us at (614) 427-0449 if you are experiencing any of the issues listed above.

At Raptou Family Dental, Dr. Raptou and are there to answer all of your questions regarding your dental emergency. No matter when you come in, we are ready to sit with you, guide you through the process, fix your issue and minimize discomfort in no time!

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