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How are my Invisalign Aligners made?
Columbus, OH

Image of invisalign clear aligners at Raptou Family Dental.
Due to their ability to discreetly straighten teeth, Invisalign has soared in popularity. Removable and in many cases faster than braces, these clear aligners have a lot in their court even if they won’t work for every single case. Their popularity and effectiveness leave many people wondering how they’re made.

Procedure for Creating Invisalign Clear Aligners

Dr. Raptou will start by taking impressions, X-rays and photos of your teeth and sending them Align Technology. Next, the impressions go through a computer program that makes a 3-D model. Orthodontic technicians will then straighten the teeth on the computer-generated model and move them toward the final position prescribed by Dr. Raptou. You are allowed to see and provide input as to how you want your teeth to look.

We will develop an individualized treatment plan during your consultation, and from this plan, we will craft a series of clear aligners for you through cutting-edge technology.

In lieu of tooth molds (which some patients dislike), Dr. Raptou will use 3-D imaging to swiftly create a three-dimensional image of your teeth. Crafted for comfort, Invisalign is made from SmartTrack material. This material is specifically engineered for these clear aligners.

Each patient’s mouth is unique, so we trim every set of aligners specifically for them. As a result, the trays feel and look natural. Each aligner is checked for quality before you receive them to make sure they meet our standards.

Invisalign clear aligner trays move your teeth in phases. Patients usually wear each tray for two weeks. You can thus determine roughly how long the treatment process will last by taking the number of Invisalign clear aligners necessary to complete the process and multiplying that number by two weeks. Many Invisalign patients are motivated by knowing this.

Attachments and Reproximation

Sometimes we bond attachments to teeth that need more repositioning than other teeth. The Attachments are practically invisible, as they are made of a glass-like, tooth-colored substance. Another potential part of treatment is a process where we file down the contacts between the teeth so we can have a better fit. This process is known as reproximation.

Duration of the Procedure

The tooth-straightening process takes about a year, but this can vary depending on the structure of the patient’s mouth before treatment, the desired changes, and his dedication to wearing the aligners. We offer the Invisalign Express program for simple treatments such as minor cases of gaps and crowding, and these procedures can last as little at twenty weeks.

Invisalign clear aligners are removable (in fact, you must remove them to eat and brush your teeth) but you must wear them at least twenty-two hours a day for them to have the desired effect, lest you delay the tooth-straightening process. The length of the treatment will increase if you don’t wear the trays enough. Once the treatment is complete, we may prescribe retainers made of plastic material similar to Invisalign (usually only at night) to preserve the new position of the teeth.

The patient has flexibility when it comes to deciding the final position of their teeth. If they want to make a change, we can order new aligners, and the original payment for the treatment will cover the cost.

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How are my Invisalign Aligners Made? - Columbus, OH • Raptou Family Dental
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