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Whitening at Raptou Family Dental, Columbus, OHYour smile plays an important role in the first impressions that you make. It is often the very first thing people notice. A major player in the quality of your smile and the impressions you leave is the condition of your teeth. Dull, discolored teeth can significantly decrease the quality of your smile and impact your confidence. At Raptou Family Dental, we can help to restore the bright white to your teeth with teeth whitening.

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Causes of Discoloration

There are multiple causes of tooth discoloration:
•  Foods and beverages. Many types of foods and drinks contain dark pigments that can adhere to the surfaces of your teeth, dulling their color.
•  Tobacco products. Cigarettes and other tobacco products contain numerous harmful chemicals, two of which are responsible for staining. Tar is naturally dark in color. Nicotine is clear until it comes into contact with oxygen and it turns yellow.
•  Certain types of medications. Some asthma medications, blood pressure medications, and antibiotics can leave deep stains on your teeth.
•  Your age. As you get older, the enamel layer of your teeth thins, allowing the darker dentin layer underneath to show through.

What About Over the Counter Products?

There is a multitude of over the counter whitening products available at many different stores. You can find all kinds of whitening strips, gels, pens, and more. These products all promise to provide you with brighter, whiter teeth in a short period and at an affordable cost. However, all of these over the counter products contain low levels of whitening agents. It can take several treatments, and a long time, before you see any noticeable improvement in your smile.

Chairside Whitening

We provide two different ways to whiten your teeth. The first is an in-office procedure called chairside whitening. This treatment takes one visit and only an hour of your time. First, your teeth are cleaned. Next, a lip retractor is placed in your mouth. We apply the whitening gel to your teeth and shine a blue light on them. The whitening gel contains a much higher concentration of bleaching agents than over the counter products. The light activates these bleaching agents, causing them to break down and form oxygen bubbles. These bubbles then enter into the enamel and the dentin of your teeth, clinging to, and eliminating, stains. With just one treatment your teeth are whitened several shades, and the results are noticeable immediately.

Take-Home Trays

If you prefer to whiten your teeth on your own time, we can provide you with whitening trays. This method requires two office visits. During the first appointment, we take impressions of your mouth to create your custom trays. On your second appointment, we supply you with the trays, the whitening gel, and specific instructions for use. Trays are meant to be worn twice a day for several hours or overnight while you are sleeping. With take-home trays, it typically takes up to a week to begin seeing results. The exact number of days that you need to wear your trays will depend upon your teeth and your desired results.

Keeping Your New Smile Bright

While professional whitening can supply you with amazing results, it is not permanent. The same factors that discolored your teeth in the first place can stain your teeth again. There are steps that you can take, however, to maintain your beautiful new smile.
•  Limit or avoid foods and drinks that stain.
•  Drink plenty of water.
•  Drink through a straw.
•  Quit smoking or other tobacco products.
•  Brush and floss regularly.
•  Have periodic touchups.

With the bright white shine restored to your teeth, your smile will sparkle, and you will regain the confidence to show it off at every opportunity. For more information, and to schedule your consultation, call Raptou Family Dental today at (614) 427-0449.

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With the bright white shine restored to your teeth, your smile will sparkle, and you will regain the confidence to show it off at every opportunity. For more information, and to schedule your consultation, call us.
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