Pocket Reduction

Periodontitis can lead to pockets forming in between your gums and the surrounding teeth, and plaque can grow within. We may need to use surgery if we can’t reduce the size of the pockets through non-surgical means. In addition to reducing pocket size, surgery can also save teeth and allows us to remove tartar embedded beneath your gumline. We can also use pocket reduction surgery alongside other regenerative procedures, stimulating bone growth.

What is the Procedure for Pocket Reduction?

The procedure starts with flap surgery, where we separate the gums from tooth and reattach it later in a new position. We also perform osseous surgery (in which we reshape and smooth the bone) in many cases. Flap surgery should lower the gum line, exposing more of the tooth. However, if the tooth’s root is exposed, you may require ongoing treatment to reduce sensitivity.

Periodontal disease causes deep pockets beneath the gumline. The pocket collects tartar and plaque, and the supporting bone can suffer damage from infection and inflammation. To treat this, we will lift and roll back the gum, then proceed to remove tartar and plaque from the root along with any diseased gum tissue. Dr. Raptou will smooth and reshape the bone, if necessary, for bacteria grow better in irregular areas.

We may apply a substance to your tooth’s root to aid the reunion of gum and ligaments, then use special tools to seal up the area and prevent bleeding. After that, we will sew the gum flap shut to decrease the depth of the pocket. Sometimes we employ a dressing similar to putty or clay to protect the affected area. If we use this dressing, we will remove it at a later visit.

After your gum is healed, the stitches will dissolve, or we will remove them. We should see the pocket’s depth lessened and the gumline lowered. Keep the gum tissue in optimal health through proper dental hygiene and regular dental exams.

What are the Benefits of Pocket Reduction?

We need to reduce pocket depth and get rid of bacteria to reverse the harm caused by periodontitis and restore your smile. However, to prevent a relapse back into the disease, removing bacteria is often not enough.

Deep pockets are hard to clean for both patient and dentist alike, so we must work together to diminish their size. Shrinking these pockets, combined with proper oral care at home and biannual professional cleanings at our office, maximize the odds of keeping your teeth.

Is this Procedure Painful?

Raptou Family Dental has new treatment options available that use specialized techniques and tools. Advancements in anxiety and pain control, medicine and local anesthesia allow us to provide comfortable and effective treatment right here in our office.

How long does the Healing Period last?

After the procedure, Dr. Raptou will give you specific instructions for you during the healing period. Follow them carefully. Most of our patients resume their routine by the next day. If you have any concerns about diet, exercise, medication or anything else, please let us know.

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